“Will you go with me?”

I am fairly new at this. Not just the blogging but also being somebody’s wife. I am still getting used to it. The first year of our relationship was really great. We became friends in February 2013 and by August 2013 we were dating. This was one of the best moments of my life because for once something (as far as relationships go) was actually going great. Andrew (my Husband) and I really connected in our friendship and into our relationship because he wanted to join the military and I was from a family full of military members. The fact that we could truly be ourselves around each other helped further our friendship into something more.

When Andrew joined the Marine Corps, I was sad because my best friend was now at Recruit Training with no phone and very little time to write letters. While he was there I got a total of 8 letters (which is quite a few) but I wish there was more (obviously). I got to see his progression from being a civilian to becoming a Marine. After his graduation, the long-distance became something that wasn’t out of the ordinary. We texted (of course) but it was hard seeing as his phone had horrible reception on bases he was at for training, schooling, and eventually his first duty station. We discovered the app Couple (more like I discovered it but you know I’ll say we), which made life so much easier because everything can be sent over wifi! For those in long distance relationships I HIGHLY recommend it! FullSizeRender (1)

As the years went on we had our highs and lows (as any relationship does) but the distance was the primary reason behind our fights. It was hard to remember how the other person was and why we fell in love. Every time I would fly to see him or he would come home those feelings would come rushing back. But within a month of not being together it would become difficult to keep feeling in love or rather remembering why we fell in love. As a normal woman I always wanted to get married but Andrew took a bit more convincing. This naturally added a few more problems to the relationship. For instance, when I brought up rings or anything relating to marriage, he would just shy away and not respond or say he didn’t want to talk about it.

Of course now we are married and it is quite a different story from the typical “We got Married” stories. For instance, in the months leading up to Christmas 2016 (which is when Andrew started to plan the proposal) we were fighting. Things were said and we were actually on a break going into Christmas. It started in September and the closer Christmas came the more we talked. By Christmas we were back together. Andrew had never been one to bring up marriage. He just put it to the side because he didn’t want to regret missing his bachelor years. But this Christmas was different. We got back together and we were stronger than ever. Andrew brought up marriage after we watched Bad Moms. Now, most people would watch this movie and look at it as a hilarious movie that is beautiful but mainly funny. Andrew watched this movie and thought it was funny but he took it seriously and it really made him think about what kind of husband and father he wants to be. For everything I have and ever will have I am thankful for this movie (and God, of course).

After Christmas I came back to Arkansas and he stayed in North Carolina. Everything was great! We were happy and no fights, probably because there was an end in sight for this distance (and we grew up). I was about to graduate college and he was planning to propose in May of 2017, perfect, right? WRONG. The Marine Corps decided to intervene in our happiness and drop a bomb right into our laps. Andrew got orders to Japan. For a YEAR. He received this news in January. Just three weeks after our perfect conversation of our future. The first thing he said after he got the call and immediately called me was, “Babe, I have orders to Japan.” I responded (a little sad), “Oh wow…that’s exciting?” The next thing he said are words I will never forget.

“Will you go with me?”

Now for anybody who knows anything about the military and PCS orders. You have to be married to go with your significant other. This was essentially Andrew asking me to marry him and of course I SAID YES! The next three months were filled with laughter, tears, yelling, planning, A TON of plane rides, and last but not least finishing art projects and homework (so that I can still graduate). Because his orders said that he has to report in May, we had to get married beforehand. This was very stressful because we had our wedding April 28, 2017 and I graduated college May 6, 2017. However, because the military is the military, we needed to be married way before April 28th. So, when Andrew came home to propose with the ring in February we had to get legally married.(Huge shoutout to Hayley and Michelle who put up with Andrew in this rushed proposal!) He proposed February 18th and we were married in the courthouse on February 21.

Proposal Photos
Proposal Photos
Courthouse Wedding
Courthouse Wedding
Also, because we are married Andrew’s orders were modified to accompanied orders. However, it came with a catch. If I went with him, instead of spending 1 year in Japan, we would be spending 3 years, causing Andrew to have to put in a 2-year extension thing (not really sure what they are called). While this was a tough thing to hear, the more we thought about it the more excited we got. Along with the medical screenings and paperwork this process was really hard to do in such a short amount of time.

Now fast forward to April, everything is going great. The wedding is coming together perfectly and school is going good, I had a lot of meetings with my professors to make sure they knew what was happening in my life. Everything was on track to be anything less than perfect. Until I get a call the week before our wedding from Andrew saying that he might not be able to come home for our wedding. I was angry at first (not at him) but at his superiors for not letting him have leave for such an important date. I found out during this call that Andrew had actually failed to inform them that he was even having a wedding (after we got married in February) until that week. SO my anger naturally shifted from his superiors to him. I felt like crap because I had blamed them for this when really it was Andrew to blame. Thanking Jesus and everybody in Andrew’s shop that has to do with leave, that they graciously let him come home and get married (again).

Our wedding in one word? Wow. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of girls to stand next to me, a better set of guys to stand next to Andrew, better families to come together, better friends, everything was just wow. I will let the photos speak for themselves!

After our wedding, I had to go straight into finishing projects for school and preparing for graduation and the life that was to come after it, i.e. moving to Japan and married life. Since everything was so last minute with Andrew preparing for his move, the Marine Corps actually pushed Andrew’s orders to June. So it was still soon just not as soon as we were expecting at first. Everything was going great but then Andrew gets a call saying that since his new report date is the day before his “get out” date. If we wanted to go to Japan, Andrew would have to reenlist. This (again) pushed back his orders to August. We found this out May 15th and by May 23rd I was moved to North Carolina to be with Andrew.

Moving to North Carolina was not entirely my decision. I was preparing to come see Andrew May 17-22, then go to Florida to see family and come back to Arkansas and prepare for Japan. I got a call from Andrew the day before I was about to leave (after he got his call about reenlisting) and he said (exact words), “You’re moving to North Carolina next week, we are flying back together on the 22nd and driving a U-Haul with our stuff in it to here.” The only thing I could say was, “Alright.” I didn’t get to go to Florida, but I will be there before we leave for Japan. The Marine Corps is great but it is extremely hard to predict what will happen next. But if the plans change and you can’t do what you thought you would, sometimes you just have to say “Alright” and make the best to the situation.


North Carolina is great but I do miss Arkansas. We all have to grow up and go on our own adventures. This is the story of how one event in our lives went from being an ordinary weekend at church camp to a lifetime of happiness.

More stories, how-to’s, and adventures to come!

xoxo, The Lintag’s

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